Monthly Archives: February 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I celebrate the last birthday of my twenties. That’s right, I’m 29 today. Perhaps the major difference between this birthday and my most recent birthdays is the knowledge that my life as I know it is about to change dramatically. In this last year of my twenties I will become somebody’s mother. For me this is strangely mind-blowing. I say strange because although I have long wanted to be a mother it still seems somewhat surreal that it will happen very soon. I now get to examine in real life any hypothesis I have ever had about what it means to be a parent. 

However, first things first – get through the pregnancy part. Today I am 17 weeks 5 days pregnant or in my fifth month for those of you who insist on knowing what month I’m in. This means that in general baby should be doing this while I look like this:

photo-181 Yes folks, I am showing and it is amazing.

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