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Hold the Pink!

See, that’s what I get for trying to be poetic – gender speculation.

“She” refers to my belly, feminine energy, earth mother-ness, and is sometimes the pronoun I use for the young’un.

Sorry folks, I don’t know if I’m having a girl or a boy. I’m also not too concerned about it but everyone else is. My father insists that I’m having a boy, C insists that we’re having a girl. Somebody’s right. 

I’d rather get worked up about other things like –

– Should I really be eating this many baked potatoes?

– I should be eating salad but those fries look mighty tasty…

– Why do my days suddenly revolve around food?

My Belly


My belly is






planetary status


She is the center of my universe


What I didn’t expect now that I’m expecting

  1. This is an exercise in faith – I like to think of myself as being fairly rational, however my first trimester certainly tested that belief. I had taken three pregnancy tests on the first day that suspected that I was pregnant and they all were immediately and strongly positive – like within 2-3 seconds or less there was a second dark line or dark plus sign. Although I knew the chances of a false positive are extremely low and the nurse at my doctor’s office told me there was no point in taking another test if I had three positive ones already, I still had a lingering fear that somehow they were all wrong. I lived with a fear of premature celebration – that somehow either this pregnancy was never real or would be shortlived. My rational self knew I was just being paranoid because there was no sign of anything being wrong, but I just couldn’t help the anxiety. 
  2. Men experience pregnancy differently than women do – I heard somewhere that a woman becomes a mother the moment she finds out she’s pregnant but  a man becomes a father after the baby is born. Yes, that’s a generalization but I’ve discovered that there’s quite a bit of truth to it. The moment I found out I was pregnant, I’ve felt more maternal than ever. I feel even more protective of children than I ever did and I think about the future of this child quite a bit. I don’t think that’s true for my husband, C. There is such a long period of time (well, seems that way at least) where pregnancy is so abstract. For me, the pregnant one, I at least get the “comfort” of eventually feeling my body act pregnant. My poor husband does not. I think as it becomes more obvious externally that I’m pregnant and he can finally feel the baby move (I can!), the baby will be more concrete to him. I don’t think he’ll fully get it until baby is actually out in the world and needing him.
  3. I know what depression feels like – Wow. I have been hit by the pregnancy hormones. Yes, I have had off and on moodiness and I cry more easily at baby-related stories. Yes, I have snapped at C for minor things and I have made him switch a tv channel because the show we were watching featured baby killers. However, I have experienced at least two full days of feeling incredibly depressed. I’ve never felt like that before. It was more than sadness – it was like an overwhelming numbness, listlessness, near hopelessness interspersed with loads of crying for no discernible reason. I’m glad those feelings are not constant and I don’t feel like that now.
  4. My skin would change like it has – I don’t really suffer from “bad skin” but pregnancy has given me the clearest skin of my life. Too bad there’s a trade-off. I also have the driest skin of my life. For a while I think I was discovering new dry patches daily. Vaseline is now my best friend. 
  5. I would fall in love so quickly – I’m in love with this kid. I’ve been in love with this kid the moment I found out he/she existed. 
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