What the Cramp??!

I started this blog in order to share my experience of being pregnant for the first time. I hoped to get across the sense of wonder and joy that I’ve been feeling even in moments that seem challenging. This pregnancy has been pretty easy – no complications just normal pregnancy aches and pains. I’ve enjoyed it all until….

… the dreaded leg cramps!

The @#$*#!!! leg cramps!!!!

I never had leg cramps before I was pregnant. Now I’ve had three and they are the worst pain I’ve ever had in my entire life. Yes, they are worse than the time I had to get three stitches without anaesthesia. Yes, they are worse than the worst period cramp I’ve ever had. They are worse than that migraine I had when I was in college (wait, that pain might actually be on par with this one).

This is the part of pregnancy that I wish I could skip.

Imagine, you are asleep… you wake up, shift your leg ever so slightly and then it’s OH MY GOD!!!! blinding pain in your calf muscle. Annndddd, just when you think the pain is about to be over, your muscle contracts again violently starting the cycle of pain over.

That was me this morning at about 2:00 am. I ended up on my living room floor (I had fallen asleep on my couch) almost in tears and yelling “Ow, ow, ow, ow!” After the third muscle contraction started to subside, I managed to pull myself off the floor, and barely limp to bed. Unfortunately I had a hard time falling asleep because my leg was numb and sore (somehow at the same time). That combined with my usual pregnancy lower back/hip pain made for a very uncomfortable sleep. Ten hours later my calf is still sore.

I don’t have a fear of labor sensations but I live in fear of the return of another cramp. Three more months to go….

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  1. Try pinching your upper lip the next time you get a cramp. I know, you’re probably thinking how could pinching your upper lip possibly alleviate pain associated with leg cramps…but just try it.

  2. OMG!!!! i no EXCATLY wat u mean!! i had one of those at daddys house and damn near died!!! they hurt like a mofo! i had called the doc and they told me it was a calcium defiency…(sorry if thats spelled wrong!) but yes they do hurt and i think that those are WORSE than the labor pains! cuz labor pain are for a reason…the leg cramp…jus a pain in the ass!!!
    love you and the lil one!

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