Baby Likes to Move It, Move it!

I officially hit my third trimester last week. Woohoo!

It’s funny how during the first trimester I was so anxious to feel the baby move. I paid so much attention to every perceived flutter, hoping they weren’t just hunger pangs. Well, fast forward to the third trimester and no more cute little flutters that feel like a butterfly’s wings are tickling you on the inside. No, these are big movements. These are rolls, and kicks, and stretches. These are the movements of someone in a cramped space.

I remember the days when I was the only one who could feel the baby move. I would put C’s hand on my belly and ask excitedly, “Did you feel that?” Nowadays I just ask him, “Did you see that?” Watching my belly jump around is strange. It feels alien. I’m always reminded of this scene from Spaceballs –

Of course, if that were to happen to me, my baby would be far cuter!


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