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“Got my t-shirt and my sweatpants on”

I consciously gave myself permission to dress like a hobo.

After two trimesters of pretty much being able to stay out of maternity wear, once I hit the third trimester I suddenly understood why pregnant women wear t-shirts and sweatpants. My belly might as well be occupying its own zipcode where most of my clothes are not allowed.  You know it’s bad when you think it’s romantic when your husband looks into your eyes and says sweetly, “You can wear my sweatpants.” Oh elastic, you are a good friend to me.

However , it is summer now and sweatpants in 90 degree weather are no fun. That’s when my options become:

1. Wear sundress that is getting too tight and possibly too short

2. Suck it up and wear the sweatpants with oversized t-shirt that doubles as pajamas

3. Go streaking

4. Say fuhgeddaboutit  and stay home in the lovely AC

Of course all of those options must include the flip flops I’ve been forced into lately because of swollen feet.

Approximately 5 weeks to go people…5 weeks to go….

Happy Birthday to My Niece, B!

Happy birthday, B! Yours was the first and only birth I’ve witnessed in person and I was in awe. It definitely made an impression on me. Now you’re four years old and it’s like you’ve always existed. Hope you have a great day!

Well That’s Just Swell!

Swollen feet

Oh Lawd! Look at dem feets!

I love summer. I love pregnancy.

Summer + pregnancy = no love for my feet.

My cute little feet have puffed up into mini-pillows. Too bad these pillows are not comfy.

Ah…the rites of pregnancy.

Well at least it gives me an excuse to be a couch potato every day. Gotta keep those feet propped up.

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