32 weeks and counting!


32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks pregnant

Today marks 32 weeks of pregnancy so far. That means in about 5-11 weeks our baby should be making his/her grand entrance. Woohoo!

I am excited, a little sad, and mildly panicked.

I am looking forward to holding the baby. I want to cuddle him/her, smell that new baby smell, see which features he/she inherited from me (and C)…I could go on and on. When I see other people’s babies I just want to smile and shout, “I’m gonna have one too!”

On the other hand, I’m a little sad because I actually like being pregnant. I like having all these new experiences, even the unpleasant ones. It feels like it has all gone by so fast. 

Then there’s that panic! As in, once baby is born C and I will be the primary caretakers of a whole other human being. No instruction manual, no return/exhange policy. 

Of course all of these feelings are normal. The only thing I can do is take things day by day – live in the moment and such.


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