Nest Like the Rest?

I’m supposed to be nesting. I should be maniacally preparing my home for the arrival of the new baby. All women in late pregnancy go through this, right? Right??? According to the internet, this is a rite of passage for the mom-to-be. Mom-to-be should almost inexplicably find herself in a cleaning/preparation frenzy. If this is the case, then where is my nesting instinct? Is my aversion to domestic chores so strong that it overrides this biological mandate? Maybe my nesting instinct is just so subtle that even I don’t know that I’m doing it. I did have the strong urge to buy onesies the other day and once I did I felt really good — ridiculously good. I don’t have that same feeling towards cleaning my apartment. I’ve been cleaning up the apartment mainly because I have to, not because of an overwhelming urge. Oh well, at least I know baby won’t be living in a hovel.


Posted on June 17, 2009, in Pregnancy. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. yea…i never had that!

  2. That seems very painful. What about shoes?

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