What I didn’t expect now that I’m not expecting!

1. My feet and hands are STILL swollen!!! – Well, granted they’re not as swollen as they used to be but it still sucks. Plus now my feet are really itchy in the swollen parts. Grr…

2. Showers are hard to come by. If I’m lucky enough to get a shower these days it’s because C is home with me and Baby E. Brings back memories of the Hol’ A Fresh song:

3.  I am a human pacifier.

4.  Eating half a meal is an accomplishment – I completely understand now what my mother meant when she used to say, “Wunna children won’t let me eat!”

5. My bellybutton has not returned to its formerly cute self.

6. If I eat eggs Baby E gets horrible gas…for days. No newborn should smell like that…ever.

7. People are really nice to you when you have a newborn.


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