Itch me here, itch me there

Itchy! Itchy!


I’ve been breaking out in hives. It started on my feet and spread pretty much everywhere else except from the shoulders and up. A quick google search let me know that this is one of those weird side effects of giving birth that NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT! Well, to be fair, it’s more like it’s one of those postpartum issues that’s both common and uncommon at the same time. I’m wondering how useful postpartum hives are on an evolutionary basis. Can you take care of your offspring effectively if you’re too busy scratching? Maybe it’s nature’s way of forcing you to be a multi-tasker.

I can nurse my baby, write this blog post and scratch my little toe and elbow all at the same time!

Or it might be a cosmic joke, as in, ” You thought the weird pregnancy crap was over, huh? Wait till you get a load of this!”


I’ve been itchy for about 2 weeks and it’s gotten worse in the past few days. At least when the leg cramps ended they were done.

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