The Milk Expert

This weekend I had a conversation with my four year old niece, B, that went something like this:

B: What’s the baby doing?

Me: He’s eating.

B: What’s he eating?

Me: Milk.

B: Milk isn’t food, it’s a drink.

Me: Ok, then he’s drinking milk from his mommy.

B: Milk comes from cows, not mommies!

Me: Well milk can come from cows and from mommies. In fact, cow’s milk comes from cows that are mommies. They make it for their baby cows but we drink it too.

B: Nuh uh!

Me: Yeah, mommies make milk that helps babies get big and strong. When you were little, you got milk from your mommy too.

B: (look of disbelief) No, Auntie, (shakes her head) milk comes from cows!

Posted on August 16, 2009, in Breastfeeding. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Kids are the best!!!

  2. aww…tha innocence of a child! she so funny!

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