Don’t Bite the Nipple That Feeds You!

Motherhood can be dangerous to your health.

So far I have suffered through sore nipples, two colds, incredible fatigue and several scratches from rapidly growing, sharp baby fingernails. Now, to top it all off Baby E is learning to chew. No, he doesn’t have a single tooth yet, but he’s using those baby gums to gnaw on everything in sight, including me. At first I thought it was cute when he would try to get his hand in his mouth while comfort nursing. Now that he can actually get his hand in there, he likes to chew on it and my nipple at the same time.


You would think that a compassionate baby who loves his mama would stop immediately and then give me kisses to make up for it. Not this kid. In fact he finds it highly amusing when I go “Owie, owie, owie!” He makes a big grin and then gets right back to gnawing.



The little gnawer!



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  1. haha!!! enjoy!

  2. LoL . .. indeed, enjoy!!!

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