This is how we do it….

…the holidays, that is.

1. Do not decorate – not a speck of glitter or fake snow in sight.

2. Secretly plot to beat the crap out of the person who got this song stuck in your head.

3. Get text message/email from relatives asking for your Christmas wish list

4. Shrug at said message because you forgot to think about it

5. Wonder if you should do any  Christmas shopping this year

6. Be nostalgic about that year when you didn’t do any Christmas shopping because you were broke

7. Start to receive cute Holiday cards from people you know

8. Wonder if people will notice if you don’t send any back

9. Realize that Baby E deserves to have his picture on a Holiday card

10. Mildly panic about getting Holiday cards printed in the next week

11. Get that stupid song stuck in your head again because you looked it up on YouTube

12. Feel relieved about not feeling much Holiday stress

13. Feel excited about having a five-day weekend coming up

14. Get a bit sad about living so far away from the rest of the family

15. Wonder whose party you should crash for the Holidays

16. Realize you’d better start some actual Holiday traditions since you have a kid now

17. Wonder if you should start celebrating Solstice just to shock people

18. Have fond memories of this atrocity

19. Realize Baby E won’t remember anything about this year

20. Shrug and put off celebrating anything until next year


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