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Hanging with Mr. Pooper

I ingested cheese and  I paid for it. I signed up for a poop marathon. Read the rest of this entry


Bump in the Night

It was a dark and decidedly unstormy night. All was sorta quiet in the Navelgazing household because everyone was in bed except for NavelgazingBajan. She was puttering around in her kitchen making sure that pump parts and bottles were washed and put away for the coming day. She was about to dry her hands and turn her attention to clearing off the kitchen counter when she heard in this order:



Read the rest of this entry

He said…

The first thing I would like to mention is that there must be a recognition on the part of everybody in this nation that America is still a racist country. Now however unpleasant that sounds, it is the truth.  And we will never solve the problem of racism until there is a recognition of the fact that racism still stands at the center of so much of our nation and we must see racism for what it is. Read the rest of this entry

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