Time of My Life!


Used with permission from FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Apparently this past decade was considered sucktastic.

Fortunately, I didn’t get that memo.

I came of age in the 2000s. I settled into my womanhood and started to shed much of my youthful self-consciousness. Certainly there were some unsteady steps along my journey but each one has led me squarely to the place I am in right now.

This decade saw me be

A student (undergraduate and graduate), an hourly worker, an unemployed person, and a salaried worker.

A girlfriend, a fiance, then a wife, a mom-to-be and a mother

A daughter, a sister, a niece, and an auntie

A roommate, an acquaintance, and a friend

A know-it-all, a know-nothing, and a want-to-know-something

A laugher and a mourner

A lover and a fighter

An introspective navel-gazer

So I say goodbye to the 2000s with fondness, particularly as I think of those who didn’t make it here with me.


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