Bump in the Night

It was a dark and decidedly unstormy night. All was sorta quiet in the Navelgazing household because everyone was in bed except for NavelgazingBajan. She was puttering around in her kitchen making sure that pump parts and bottles were washed and put away for the coming day. She was about to dry her hands and turn her attention to clearing off the kitchen counter when she heard in this order:




She raced to her bedroom, past her hubby who was struggling to turn on the overhead light, right to her baby boy who was lying on the carpeted floor. Tears stained his crumpled face as he looked up at her. His sobs punctuated the room like exclamation marks. She scooped him up and put him right to her breast while simultaneously giving him a quick, but thorough once-over and reassuring him that everything was okay.

“What happened?” She asked, as the baby nursed himself to sleep.

“He rolled off the bed!” said the hubby, C, “Is he ok? Is anything broken?”

“He’s ok, just startled. We didn’t break the baby.”

Indeed, the baby boy was not broken. In fact, he drifted off to sleep between his parents with a belly full of warm milk.

But his parents could not sleep. The whites of their eyes periodically dotted the darkness as they remained on the alert during the night.

For they knew they had finally joined the ranks of parents whose babies went bump in the night.

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  1. That was great! It is a sort of rite of passage, isn’t it? Somehow, Z2 has managed to never fall off the bed. Yet.

  2. Chi-Chi I was logging in to say that very same thing LOL. I giggled at this. It’s so true, after that first ‘dump in the night’ you don’t sleep quite right for a few nights LOL.

  3. I remember when my 1st rolled off the bed. It was during the day. I didn’t even know she could roll that far! Then there was the time, not long after our 2nd was born. I was running bath water,and her a big BUMP. Older sis tried to pick up little sis and bring her to me.

  4. thats funny!!! bookie went bumb in tha middle of tha day off her daddy bed! lmao RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM!!! tha hell!

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