Interview with a Daddy

Welcome to the February Carnival of Natural Parenting: Love and partners!

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month we’re writing about how a co-parent has or has not supported us in our dedication to natural parenting. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.


Real men wear babies

When I first heard of the theme for this month’s Carnival of Natural parenting, I thought, “Why not go to the source?” What follows is a transcription of a conversation that I had with the hubby, C, on natural parenting. I think it’s a fairly accurate representation of our dynamic. Please bear in mind that this took place right before bedtime.

NB: Thank you very much for agreeing to be interviewed by me. Do you know why I’m interviewing you?

C: No, I do not.

NB: Do you care?

C: (laughs) Not really.

NB: Alright. Well, in case you didn’t know, I’m interviewing you for my blog. Ok? Now, I have a question for you. Have you ever heard of the term “Natural Parenting?”

C: No.

NB: If you had to guess, what would you think it was?

C: (laughs) I don’t know – parenting the natural way.

NB: What’s the natural way?

C: I haven’t the slightest idea. I dunno!

NB: Ok, well, do you think that we are natural parents?

C: I don’t know.

NB: Well. how would you describe our parenting style?

C: I don’t know. You’d have to find out what natural parenting is first in order for you to have something to compare it to.

NB: Ok, well let me give you a little bit of a background. Natural parenting, like you guessed, is about parenting the natural way. The people who generally do natural parenting do things like use cloth diapers, co-sleep, babywear, breastfeed – those types of things. You think we fall into that category?

C: I guess so.

NB: So, you have described me as a hippie. Is that accurate?

C: (laughs) Yes. You’re a…how did I describe it again? You’re a black, feminist hippie.

NB: Do you agree that makes me a perfect candidate for natural parenting?

C: (laughs) Yes. Hippies do that type of thing.

NB: Ok, so seeing as I’m a a hippie and I’m a natural candidate for natural parenting, how do you feel about the stuff that we do in terms of natural parenting?

C: (makes sound indicating “I dunno”) It’s “Whatever, man.”

NB: Ok, how do you feel about cloth diapers?

C: It saves money, I guess.

NB: Do you mind doing the pins and the laundry and stuff?

C: No, I don’t mind at all.

NB: What did you think when I first brought it up?

C: I don’t remember.

NB: How about breastfeeding? What do you think about that?

C: Hey, I guess it’s better than formula…you say.

NB: What do you think is better about breastfeeding than formula?

C; I don’t know. Whatever you tell me.

NB: (laughs) Do you think I tell you the truth?

C: (laughs) I guess you do.

NB: So your way of handling these things is to just to go along with what I tell you, right?

C: Somewhat.

NB: Alright! Sounds good to me! Um, so the babywearing, is that something you had come into contact with before we had the baby?

C: What the heck is babywearing?

NB: You know, with the sling…the wrap!

C: Oh, no, I’ve seen it before.

NB: Did you think it was kinda crazy?

C: No, seen it before.

NB: So what did you think when I went out and bought a wrap for the baby and started wearing him around instead of getting him a stroller?

C: (yawn) I kinda figured you’d get tired of carrying him around once he gets bigger.

NB: Has that been shown to be true?

C: He ain’t that big yet.

NB: (laughs) What did you think when I put the wrap on you and had you walk around with him in Ikea?

C: I dunno. Better than carrying him in my arms, I guess.

NB: Are you converting to babywearing now?

C: You gotta find me a cooler babycarrier.

NB: What’s wrong with the one we’ve got?

C: It’s not black.

NB: Ok, typical male. Alright, well, how about co-sleeping? What do you think of co-sleeping?

C: What’s co-sleeping?

NB: Well, we sleep in the bed and the baby shares the bed with us.

C: As long as I don’t roll over and crush him, I guess he’s fine.

NB: Have you done that yet?

C: (laughs) I rolled over on him but I didn’t crush him yet.

NB: What do you mean you rolled over on him???? When did you roll over on the baby?

C: Well, I rolled over on his arm a few times. I felt the arm so I rolled back over.

NB: So essentially, you woke up.

C: Yeah.

NB: So it’s working?

C: Somewhat.

NB: Alright.

C: But he did fall off the bed though.

NB: Yeah, I already told them he fell off the bed.

C: Oh.

NB: Was that your fault?

C: No.

NB: You sure?

C: (laughs) Maybe so.

NB: What do you mean “Maybe so?” Did you push him off the bed?

C: (laughs) I didn’t push him off the bed.

NB: Then how’s it your fault?

C: I wasn’t paying as much attention. I was asleep and he was next to me and I heard a “boomp!” and I looked and he was on the floor.

NB: This is sounding kinda fishy.

C: Hey, I was asleep.

NB: What’s that guilty look on your face?

C: That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

NB: Alright. Well, anyways. So, seeing as these are my crazy hippie parenting things…stop nodding your head… that you seem to be following, and you seem to be following without question, is there anything you draw the line at?

C: Hmmm, I don’t know.

NB: What, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there?

C: Something like that.

NB: So how about, uh, we do baby-led weaning?

C: What the heck is that?

NB: Exactly! Just nod your head and say “Yeah, we’ll do it.”

C: What is it?

NB: It’s not feeding the baby purees. It’s starting out with um, you know, table foods, I guess. Oh, how about baby sign language?

C: What about it?

NB: Well, aren’t you gonna help me with the baby sign language?

C: I guess.

NB: You’re not very responsive in this interview.

C: I’m as responsible as you’re gonna get.

NB: I said responsive, not responsible!

C: Well, this is about as much as you’re going to get.

NB: Anyways, So how would you say you help me or support me in my quest to be a natural parent?

C: (yawn) I guess I support you. How about that?

NB: How???

C: I don’t know…being a supportive husband. How about that?

NB: Ok, you have to tell people how you’re a supportive husband. I have to make you look good in this too, you know.

C: Hold on, you’re gonna air this?

NB: No, I’m not gonna air it. I’m going to type it up. What’d you think was the point?

C: I dunno, I though you were going to play it back and just listen or something.

NB: I said it was for my blog!

C: What’s that little…

NB: You are not turning off the recorder! Stay away from this.

C: I was just looking at the little needle go back and forth.

NB: Anyways, so how are you a supportive parent?

C: I just answered that question.

NB: By talking about a needle?

C: (yawn) I support you, how about that?

NB: Ok, let’s get more specific. What specific things do you do to support natural parenting?

C: By going along with the flow.

NB: You’re not helpful.

C: That’s about as helpful as you’re gonna get right now.


(Lots of editing here because the interview devolves pretty quickly.)


C: You’re running out of tape.

NB: There is no tape. It’s digital.

C: Are we done yet?

NB: Ok, what do you think of parenting overall?

C: I guess.

NB: You’re a horrible interviewee!

C: Thank you! I practice hard at this!

NB: I help you with your blog!

C: Yes, you do. Thank you very much!

NB: Help me with mine!

C: I am!


(More interview de-evolution)


NB: Any last words? Before I go typing this up? What last words do you have so that my readers will have an accurate picture of the type of dad you are?

C: A very responsible dad.

NB: That lets his baby roll off the bed onto the floor.

C: Well, you dropped him.

NB: Shut up!


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  1. This post made me literally laugh out loud. This is totally how an interview with Sam would go! I will have to try it out and see if he tries to mess with the recorder instead of answering my Very Serious Questions.

  2. AHAHA! Hilarious! This reminds me of so many conversations in my house these days. At this point when I tell him I want to do baby-led weaning or whatever new technique I’ve found out about he just shrugs and says, “sure, ok.”

    And fun idea, I might have to try to interview my husband for my blog some day!

  3. This made me laugh out loud! I’d be interested to see how my hubby would answer some of these questions.

  4. This made me laugh. Men are so funny. He was a good sport for the interview.

  5. Hahaha Hilarious. Sounds like your husband and my husband are cut from the same cloth.

  6. That was totally awesome! I am laughing so hard at this. I can just see my husband doing the same thing, not being specific or really answering questions. Gotta love men, right?

  7. Thanks everyone, the hubby was indeed a good sport. I definitely appreciate his willingness to undertake many of the parenting ideas I’ve tossed at him.

  8. *comes out of lurkdom* HILRIOUS! lol

  9. OMG, that was so funny. Honestly that is just what my husband would sound like if I interviewed him. He is very go with the flow!

  10. I just laughed VERY loud (and repeatedly) sitting alone in front of my computer!

  11. That was great! Thank you for the laugh. This is the first post I read from this particular carnival and I’m so glad I clicked on your link!

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