The Worstest Mama in the World

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Ok, so the title was hyperbolic but still this past week I felt like the “Worstest Mama in the World.” Why? Baby E fell off the bed three times in one week!!!!

But didn’t you learn your lesson the first time???

Er, yes and no.

You see, the first two times were totally the daddy’s fault. In fact, the second time it happened, I had just finished saying to C, “Be careful, he’s little close to the edge.” To which C, replied, ” Don’t worry, I’ve got my eye on him. He’ll be alright.” I turned around and then heard “BUMP! Waaaaahhhhh!”  Sigh. I then began the obligatory litany of “I told you so!”

The second and third times were both my fault. Both were diaper change related incidents. Both were the result of my kid having just learned to speed-roll. Both times they happened in what seemed like split seconds. Both times I felt time slow down as I lunged forward in failed attempts to stop the awkward somersault that was occurring right in front of me. Both times my precious child gave me the most tearful, “How could you??” look. Both times my heart simultaneously broke and leapt out of my chest.

So yeah, I feel like the “Worstest Mama in the World.”


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  1. Ive decided that your baby hitting the floor is how you find out that they can roll. It’s a milestone….maybe that’s just me. Fortunately we don’t remember those tumbles from high places as adults (or maybe the concussion erases the memory, who knows).

  2. Oh no!! Thankfully, our babies are pretty tough 🙂
    I should write about the time my hubby stuck Kieran’s head into a moving ceiling fan . . .

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