Village of One

So…this Stay At Home Mom business is no joke. It turns out that I have been spending most of my days coaxing my seven month old into taking a nap. In turn, he likes to responding by babbling, “Da da da da, ba ba pttthhhhh!!!” which means, “Nap? Nap??? I shall only indulge your eccentric request for no more than twenty minutes at a time. Pshaw!”

This would not be so bad if Baby E wasn’t going through some separation anxiety issues at the same time. He will play in his exersaucer but the moment I walk more than one foot away or even look like I’m about to go elsewhere, it’s all over. And I’m not really going anywhere, just to the bathroom, or to get a drink of water.

And yes, like any self-respecting natural parenting wannabe, I have worn him around the house but there are moments when Baby E and I need to be two separate individuals.

All of this has led me to truly understand the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.” You know why it takes a village? Because mommy needs to take a shower sometimes. Mommy also needs to make a sandwich from time to time. It really helps to have a few secondary caretakers available so that mommy doesn’t end up in a padded room babbling, “Da da da da, ba ba” to herself.

But I’m a village of one until the hubby C comes home from work. That’s when I become a village of one and a half…(rimshot!).

Seriously, I know this is all very normal and won’t last forever. Oh, and yes I suppose I should be grateful that Baby E is not terribly mobile yet and therefore will mostly stay in place when I set him down briefly.


It is now the day following when I wrote the above statements. Lo and behold, the kid makes a liar out of me by actually napping for an hour and a half. I also managed a shower on the morning too. The moral of this story is…? I don’t know. I just know that today is turning out to be a better day after all.


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  1. OOOOOOOOOH, I feel your pain!!! I haven’t had an uninterrupted bath, meal, bathroom break, drink, thought, breath in….I couldn’t tell you how long. And as much as I look forward to the day that I can close my bathroom door and no one sticks their fingers underneath it (or a note or just yells MOOOOMMY from the the other side of it), I am kinda sad to see our last baby growing up so quickly.

  2. My showers are now less than 10 minutes. It’s just now gotten to the point where I can pee alone.
    Sign up for some mommy and me groups. They will save your sanity!

  3. I have forgotten what is feels like to take a uninterrupted shower alone! Yet, I wont complain! 😉 I’m soooo feeling you.

  4. Oh girl… I feel you on this one and have been struggling (really, really struggling) with the village of one BS for a looong time. I’ve been obsessed with it for months! Although, it is getting slightly better simply because I’ve been getting out of the house more and getting more alone time (my baby’s 2 1/2!).

    As a funny aside, even as they get older your own space is still never their own. I was sitting on the toilet yesterday and my son insisted on getting a hug. What was I gonna do? hahaha Lock him out of the bathroom and hope I didn’t hear a horrible crash? Such is life 🙂

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