The Baby Always Poops Thrice!

The hubby, C, is on diaper duty this weekend.

NavelgazingBajan twirls with glee!

Remember how I once whined about not being able to eat cheese because Baby E is sensitive to cow’s milk proteins? Of course you don’t. Anyway, on Friday, we went to a popular chain restaurant that is known for its appetizer specials and mediocre food in order to celebrate the birthday of one of C’s friends. We decided to order off of the “2 for $20” menu which included an appetizer and an entree. I wanted to get boneless wings which should generally be dairy-free. C insisted, insisted I say, on getting the spinach-artichoke dip. I said, “Fine, but you deal with all diapers related to me ingesting this dip.” He agreed. Ha!

Fast forward to this morning – a beautiful Sunday morning. Baby E wakes up with his usual cheerful babbling and promptly proceeds to poop his diaper. And it was one of those poops that seemed to pause and begin again every few minutes just when you thought it was finally over. That’s when I woke C with “He pooped!” a barely concealed smirk and possibly a mild kick in the shin.

So, my lovely husband got up, took care of the poopy (pocket!) diaper and bathed Baby E at my urging. It was such a series of adorable moments that I whipped out my trusty smartphone and snapped several pics. There are pics of daddy putting a diaper on his boy, dressing him, rumpling his spirally curl-fro, and giving him kisses on the forehead. They were awash in father and baby “glowiness” when we heard “Pppppppppffffffffffff!!!!”

Damn, he pooped again.

Good thing I wasn’t on diaper duty. Hee! I did however go get another diaper for the new diaper change. Then I went downstairs and made a couple of sandwiches. Ten minutes later I came back upstairs with the food. What am I greeted with?

“He pooped again.”

Really? Three times within a 30-40 minute period. A personal best for my kid.

And there I was, happily awash in the glow of unspoken “I told you sos.”


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  1. That is excellent! Good timing to have gotten off diaper duty. I’m glad we’re not the only ones with a perpetual-poop-machine kid.

  2. LOL! Why do the daddies insist on learning the hard way?!
    Thanks for visiting Marlie and Me. I like your blog will stay and look around a bit

  3. Thanks, Teresha. I like yours too.

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