Sometimes I get Schmoopy on Thursdays

Caution: This post is full of syrupy sweetness.

Image: m_bartosch /

Baby E inspired me to think of this song today.

It’s been fun watching his personality develop over the past eight months. Overall he is an easy-going, charming, flirtatious little chap. We can hardly take him anywhere without someone making a remark about how “good” he is simply because he’s so laid-back. I wish the hubby and I could take credit for that but it’s really just the way Baby E is wired. He really is a mostly happy baby. I told him that he’s doing his future siblings a disservice by raising the bar so high.


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  1. My littlest is the same way. Fortunately, she’s the youngest, so I was pleasantly surprised instead wary of the future siblings, LOL!

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