They Grow Up So Fast

My little boy is growing up.

*Sniff* (cue single tear dangling on the edge of my eyelid)

He has been crawling for the past week and a half and pulling up to standing for the past three weeks. He’s starting to cruise furniture. He’s even trying to stand on his own by briefly letting go of any support. Today, he said “Da da” a lot instead of “Da da da da da.”

And, (and this is a big and) he gave me a kiss when I said, ” Baby E, give mama a kiss.” And he did that more than once!


Of course, the real proof that’s he growing up is the fact that he’s learning that mama is not The Most Interesting Thing in the Room. No, that title belongs to

A door stopper

Some bubble wrap

A picture frame

Whatever, you inanimate objects!

I’m still the mama, and I’ve got milk.

Photo of young sapling courtesy of Image: Simon Howden /

Photo of milk courtesy of Image: Francesco Marino /

Posted on April 17, 2010, in New mommyhood. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. Your baby is so cute. That is true that they grow up so fast. My little sister grew like a weed, and it was amazing seeing her grow up. We have a 11 year difference, so I got confused at times, but I bet as a parent you just have complete bliss when watching your child grow up. They’re always so curious, so into things. I wish you great luck in the future with your child, and I look forward for more blog posts.

  2. Yeah, well, he gave me a kiss and I didn’t e’en have to ask!

  3. Yeah just wait till he gives that up too. There’ll be more than one tear girl you’ll be bawlin’ All the books talk about weaning babies but nothing in the books about weaning mommy. It’s painfull when breatfeeding comes to an end. NOTHING can compare to how incredibly sweet it is. Enjoy it.

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