We say the darnedest things

Navelgazing Bajan: So, what special thing do you have planned for Mother’s Day?
C: (Blank look)


NB: What would you say to a guy who didn’t want the mother of his baby to breastfeed?
C: Why wouldn’t he?
NB: Some guys think it’s nasty. Some guys think that breasts should just be for them.
C: What kind of stupid $%^& is that? It’s (breastfeeding) what they’re (breasts) made to do!


NB: I have a hypothetical question.
C: (Exasperated look)
NB: If we took a road trip, and the weather was really bad — like snowing. If we got lost, got stuck somewhere and had to figure out a way to survive while waiting to be rescued–would you drink my breastmilk if we ran out of food?
C: WHAT??????


NB: Why did you post that picture of me on your motorcycle forum?
C: It’s a cute picture.
NB: I look like a space donkey in that picture.
C: No you don’t! At least you’re smiling Look at that girl’s picture (points to someone else’s picture on the forum). She’s funny-looking.


Posted on April 28, 2010, in Random bits from my life. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. ROTFL. I thought I asked some left field hypothetical questions but I think you have me beat:-)

  2. LOL
    Ok – has he really never tasted your breastmilk? If he had, he wouldn’t hesitate to answer your hypothetical 😉

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