Blah Blah Blogging Block

I have a case of writer’s block. Or perhaps it’s a lack of confidence. I have multiple ideas for blog posts. Sometimes I start to write them. They often remain unfinished or I delete them entirely because they’re not __________ (insert deprecative adjective) enough. I do, however, have faith that I will come out of this blogging slump. So, in the meantime, please enjoy the above pic of Baby E who is being relatively pleasant as he cuts his first teeth. Also, head on over to The Mahogany Way and congratulate fellow blogging mama, Darcel, on the successful homebirth of her son.


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  1. I get in slumps too. I’ve said before that I really feel like my writing spurts are in line with my cycle – is that crazy? I should chart it 😉
    Looking forward to having you writing again soon – I hope you participate in the June CarNatPar!

  2. Yep. This is me too. It’s hard to come out of sometimes. It seems like I have instances where I go long enough to feel like I’m never going to write anything again and then boom, it all pours out of me. I’m going to try to write daily without regards for its merit. I’ll only post what’s decent but I am going to at least type something, anything up everyday because that’s what writers do… or so I hear. 🙂

  3. Girl, I stay in slumps. Why you think my posts be so erratic. hahah. I hate it. One day, I’ll be better… Both of us…

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