This past week I have been:

  • Battling laryngitis — Courtesy of Baby E, I have spent roughly 4 days sans voice. You know that part in breastfeeding classes/books where you learn about how breastmilk transfers immunities from mom to baby? Well, turns out that sometimes I have to catch my baby’s sickness to do that. I have had my fill of being coughed and sneezed on. Dear Baby E, please spray your nasal fluids on your daddy from now on please. Kthanx.
  • A chew toy — Baby E is awfully proud of his four new teeth. He was fairly pleasantly during his recent teething which is not too surprising given how laid back this child is. However, ever since he realized that his mouth is different, he has taken to testing out the new chompers on me. He’s bitten my fingers, my shoulder, my wrist, my belly…and yes, my nipple. When I complained, the hubby, C, smirked, “He never bites me.” Oh no, he didn’t!
  • Told “Guess it’s time to stop breastfeeding now” — That’s the response from well-meaning family members when I broke the news about the new teeth. Here’s the thing, the arrival of teeth need not signal the end of breastfeeding. In fact, the World Health Organization recommends that babies be breastfeed for two or more years. Breastmilk does not stop being nutritious once teeth arrive. Even though I just complained about being bitten, the teeth haven’t gotten in the way of nursing. It’s actually impossible for a baby to nurse and bite at the same time. If baby is biting then he or she is not drinking and probably just bored and playing around. Yes, some nipping will happen but it’s normal and usually can be dealt with appropriately. Besides, Baby E still doesn’t care for solids AND has decided that he’s too good for bottles. If I stopped breastfeeding now my baby would starve!
  • Procrastinating — I have 2 baby photo album projects and a baby video project that I need to finish by July. I need to finish a guest blog post soon. Oh, and I need to write some more posts for this particular blog. Bad, bad absentee blogger!
  • Grateful — Despite the laryngitis, baby biting, breastfeeding cluelessness, and procrastination, we’re okay. It’s all part of our daily adventure. I’m grateful that this week hasn’t brought us anything we couldn’t manage together. I’m grateful for every day I get to spend with my son. Besides, being sprayed with baby snot is just another way for him to say, “I love you, mommy.”


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  1. Look at those chompers! I was always excited when the girls started getting teeth, but a little sad at the same time. They grow so fast! I don’t know why everyone thinks we should stop breastfeeding once teeth appear. I hope your back to feeling 100% soon.

  2. I’ve been dealing with my baby “chomping at the bit” too. I will not stop breastfeeding either! I got your back, LOL! get well soon

  3. I was fortunate to breastfeed in a pro-breastfeeding community and if you would have said teeth=weaning people would have looked at you quizzically. It’s a pretty silly idea, one of those things that people repeat without A. knowing what they’re talking about or B.realizing it’s just another anti-breastfeeding message they’re sending (whether they men malice or no).

    I nursed until age 3 and 2 (that’s years, not months) which meant a year overlap. I was at a breastfeeding group and telling the ladies I was thinking my 3 year old was weaning. And with so much loving kindness one or two of them said, in effect, Kelly are you SURE you want to wean the older child? No need to rush….

    It made me laugh because had I been breastfeeding my toddlers in my hometown (where I’ve since moved back to) I would have been getting stinkeye and “you’re a perv” had anyone noticed I’d been nursing a child who could walk/talk.

    So yeah, cultural and family support can really be all over the map!

    You wrote this post a while ago so I know you’re all healed up but, yeah. Sorry about the cold!

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