Soapbox Sunday: Vacation Edition

I’m on vacation. The hubby, C, Baby E and I made a trek across a few states last week in order to spend time with family and friends. As a result, my internet activities have been seriously curtailed. Some might say this is a good thing because it allowed me to rediscover the joys of an unplugged life. On the other hand, I ended up with 85 unread posts in my google reader. Quelle horror!

However, I did manage to read some pretty interesting blog posts that I think are worth sharing.

The always thoughtful Arwyn at Raising My Boychick explains that “No, less-than-threes do not need their moms 24/7/365”.

Via Arwyn’s Facebook page, I found Dou-la-la‘s piece  on why the difference between “I can’t” and “I won’t” matters in breastfeeding advocacy. I also found Jennifer Kesler’s piece on the difference between class privilege and white privilege at her blog What Privilege?.

The Juggling Matriach talks about the erasure that occurs when birth advocates are shouted down for pointing out the injustices that occur in the mainstream birth system.

Elita at Blacktating sheds light on the tactics that lobbyists for the infant formula manufacturers are using now that their biggest customer, WIC, is up for reauthorization.

That’s all for now! Go ahead and share those posts you found of interest over the past week.


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  1. 1. First of all, enjoy your vacation!

    2. Love all your links. I have been enthralled.

    3. If you’re doing this every week, I should totally link to you, too.

  2. I forgot:

    4. 85 unread posts? I always have 1,000+. Clearly I need to unsubscribe from some feeds or become acquainted with the “mark all as read” button…

  3. Thanks for sharing these links. I will be reading them as time permits. Enjoy the vacay!

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