Soapbox Sunday: The Smile Edition

Sometimes I just want to smile. As often as Baby E fulfills the role of Official Smile-Maker, sometimes I need a more wellrounded approach to my glee. This week I thought I would share a few links that made me smile, bust out laughing or get warm fuzzies in my heart.

At The Mahogany Way, Darcel’s husband, Charles, talks about how he transformed into the homebirth-supportive father that he is today.

Tanashia, at The Tallahassee Huffs, shares a poem she found called “Wean Me Gently.”

Joni, at Tales of a Kitchen Witch, impressed me with how she handled the curious case of her missing “sonic screwdriver” (ahem!).

Teresha, at Marlie and Me, recounts how she met her husband in celebration of her TEN year wedding anniversary.

Danielle Belton, at The Black Snob, posted the unintentionally hilarious campaign video for Alvin Greene, South Carolina senate candidate.

The Juggling Matriach waxes poetic (and convincingly) on her love of doulas.

So who or what made you smile lately?

Find more Sunday surfing at Hobo MamaAuthentic Parenting, Baby Dust Diaries, and Maman A Droit,


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  1. I’m honored to be included in such awesome company…thanks a million! I laughed out loud at this post about a mother being serenaded by her son:

  2. btw, I’m hosting a giveaway for a copy of Nadirah’s book (she writes the blog Nad and Zara take on the world) check it out.

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