Soapbox Sunday: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I’m never sure of celebrating. I only participated in Thanksgiving activities once I moved to the US because, well, it’s an irrelevant holiday in Barbados. Even now, I mostly do Thanksgiving because other people in my life are doing it. Still, I do enjoy a nice gathering of family and friends around a dinner table. This year, we went to a friend’s house and had an excellent meal. I even baked desserts!

Today’s Soapbox Sunday list of links (nice alliteration!) will be short and sweet yet, thought-provoking.

Funkidivagirl describes finding thanks on very sad and memorable Thanksgiving Day.

At Love Isn’t Enough, a mom describes how she shifts her family’s Thanksgiving ritual so that the true history of Thanksgiving is honored.

Black Girl in Maine gives her very thoughtful insights on the intersecting of class privilege and Black Friday.

Similarly, Arwyn at Raising My Boychick gives her thoughts on “Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and the discomfit of classism.”

What are your Thanksgiving thoughts?

I'm oh so thankful for this child



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