Soapbox Sunday: Social Justice Mish-Mash Edition

I’ve slacked on my Soapbox Sunday posts and it’s high time I got back to doing them. I couldn’t decide on a theme for today so it’s a mish-mash of sorts.

BlackGirlinMaine posted a thoughtful post in response to the recent House vote to defund Planned Parenthood. Many people only associate Planned Parenthood with abortion and birth control services but the organization does much more than that.

Denene Milner of My Brown Baby wrote a passionate response to the recent anti-breastfeeding rhetoric that has invaded the political sphere.

Also, responding to the political anti-breastfeeding rhetoric was Best For Babes, clarifying that It’s not a “Nanny State,” It’s a Booby Trap Nation!

I came across The Julie Project via a link on my Facebook wall. Photographer, Darcy Padilla, chronicled Julie’s life over 17 years. It is a story of HIV/AIDS, addiction, love, loss, motherhood, poverty…it made me think more about how we marginalize and discard people in our society. Julie’s story is intense and some may find it triggering.

Via Womanist Musings I learned about a bill that could soon become law in Afghanistan which would seriously affect women and girls seeking shelter from abusive homes. If the bill becomes law, women seeking shelter could face imprisonment, invasive “virginity tests” and/or forced return to their abusers. Please consider signing this petition in support of these women.

So, what got you up in arms recently?

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  1. I just read Denene Millner’s post and am totally gobsmacked. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    I do my links on Fridays if you ever want to see them… This week I’ve already seen some amazing stuff!

    • I love that article on iron deficiency and sexism that you linked to. It illustrates beautifully how even though science is supposed to be objective, the interpretations of evidence are still subject to societal biases.

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