Monthly Archives: March 2011

Things I Do Instead of Blogging

Things I have been doing in the month of March instead of blogging:

  1. Wet nursing, or as my friend calls it, “being a moo-cow”
  2. Reading other people’s blogs
  3. Watching as Baby E learns new words like “Stop!” –that one comes complete with finger wagging (wonder where he got that from?)
  4. Panicking about my continuing, long-term unemployment
  5. Putting off writing about mothering through a zombie apocalypse
  6. Wanting to write but feeling like I won’t be able to do so in any meaningful way
  7. Coming up with awesome ideas and then realizing I don’t currently have the means to implement them
  8. Rallying in support of Planned Parenthood
  9. Juggling an ever-expanding to-d0 list
  10. Letting Baby E sample foods I swore I wouldn’t expose him to intentionally
  11. Eating a lot of chocolate
  12. Taking lots of pictures
  13. Procrastinating
  14. Living through the peaks and valleys of marriage
  15. Failing to convince Baby E that brushing his teeth is a good thing
  16. Wondering if the universe has a warped sense of humour or just hates me sometimes
  17. Cursing at my printer because it keeps telling me there’s a paper jam despite all of my efforts to fix it
  18. Trying and failing to finish a book that I’ve had for a few months now
  19. Wanting to win the lottery
  20. Just saying, “F&*% it!” sometimes
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