Soapbox Sunday: WOC Mommy Blog Edition

I have a love/hate relationship with the term “mommy blogger”. On one hand it’s a genre I suppose I fall into, seeing as my blog’s focus is on my experience of motherhood. Yet, it’s also a term used to demean blogs written by mothers  although “Motherhood” is supposedly sacred. Then there’s the issue of who’s actually considered a mommy blogger. If I didn’t know any better I would assume that mommy bloggers are universally white (…and heterosexual…and cisgender…and USian…and able-bodied…and middle class and above…and essentially like Eliza in Motherhood) because the dominant discourse seems to often forget to include some folks. So, today’s link love goes out to “mommy bloggers” who identify as women of color. These bloggers may or may not consider themselves “mommy bloggers” but their blogs are definitely informed by their motherhood (or mamahood/mamihood) experience. This list is also not meant to be exhaustive nor even to say that I agree with every issue discussed on each of these blogs. However, despite the common trait of being WOC, these bloggers are diverse in their foci, their readerships, their reaches, their beliefs…you know, they’re not a monolith.

(in alphabetical order)

Baby Making Machine — What started as a pre-pregnancy/pregnancy blog has evolved into a motherhood blog. This mama has used humor to explore her uncertain foray into breastfeeding and cloth diapers while working as a television news reporter. In addition to sharing her new motherhood adventures, she shares gorgeous photos of her gorgeous baby girl in a series called 365 Love Letters.

Black Girl in Maine — What’s it like to be a Black girl living in one of the whitest states in the US? Ask this mama, who relocated to Maine after having lived in Chicago for a lifetime. She blogs about whatever crosses her mind which can include personal issues and observations on class and race.

Blacktating — A passionate and committed lactivist, Elita shares her views on the latest breastfeeding issues and news. As a woman of color, she brings a perspective to lactivism that is generally absent in mainstream breastfeeding advocacy.

Caffeinated Catholic Mama — Karianna is a devout Roman Catholic mama who talks about various issues from Catholicism, to extended breastfeeding, to cloth diapers to why she considers herself a pro-life feminist. How does she do it all? With lots of coffee, of course!

Cocoa Mamas — This group of mamas blogs about what it’s like to raise “cocoa children in a bittersweet world”. With a diverse set of voices there’s a range of opinions, showing once again that brown mamas aren’t a monolith.

Four Bad Apples — This professional artist is also a homeschooling mother of four daughters. I’m in awe of how creative she is — from beautifully decorated birthday parties to a DIY mattress frame. Did I mention she’s down-to-earth too? — This mama’s mission is “To Save the World from Mediocrity”. She is a social media diva and a crunchy mom who’s not afraid of bling.

Guerilla Mama Medicine — This is only one of many places you can find Mai’a’s writings. She’s a writer, poet, artist, outlaw midwife, activist, mama, and many other things.

The Mahogany Way — If you’re not sure what unschooling looks like, then check out Darcel’s blog. This mama of three is passionate about unschooling, breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapers, homebirth, and attachment parenting.

Marlie and Me — Teresha chronicles her new mom journey with regular updates on what her little one, Marlie, is up to these days. In addition, Teresha is undertaking a new fitness regimen that I can only be in awe of as I contemplate how much dust must be on my yoga mat by now. If you’re a fan of giveaways, then you should definitely take a look at her site.

My Brown Baby — Denene is a successful writer who made this space for parents to talk about raising their “brown babies”. Along with her own thoughtful insights on parenting, Denene shares her space with other featured contributors.

Nadirah Angail — This mama drops knowledge on fairly regular basis as she tries to inspire and empower others. In addition to her blog, she’s a self-published author and mama of two.

Preshus and Me — This mama uses her blog to journal her thoughts, feelings and fears as she pursues happiness and motherhood for the second time.

Road to Home Birth After Multiple Cesareans — This new blog covers the reflections of one mama as she journeys toward a home birth after having had two c-sections. She’s not currently pregnant but she’s got lots to say on the issues of VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and c-section without being judgmental.

She Has My Eyes — I love the subtitle to this blog, “anti-bigotry and anti-bullshit parenting” which pretty much sums up what August blogs about. She hasn’t updated her blog in a while but there’s plenty to read if you’re visiting for the first time.

Simple Single Mom — This mama focuses on living with intention, simplicity and love. Want to know what intentional car-free living looks like? Check her out.

Los Angelista — This mama regularly chronicles her adventures in the “City of Angels”, from encounters with kind strangers to successfully completing the Los Angeles Marathon. She promises to love you forever if you get her front row tickets to a Depeche Mode show.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way — From knitting to spirituality to veganism to fitness, this stay-at-home mama of two shares what’s on her mind with thoughtful introspection.

Womanist Musings – If you were to just refer to this blog as a “race blog” or a “feminist blog” you would be wrong. Renee is an unabashed womanist who is committed to speaking out against racism, sexism/misogyny, ableism, transphobia, homophobia, etc. Why? She does it to make the world a better place for her children.

Who are other “mommy bloggers”  (WOC or not) that don’t get included in the dominant conversations?


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  1. Gracious! This is a wonderful list! Thank you so much for collecting and sharing.

  2. Great list! Will definitely check out some of these other bloggers.

  3. First, I’m honored to be listed among these bloggers of color. I also read Alicia @ Mommy Delicious (doing the single mom thing in NYC after surving an abusive relationship. strong sista!). Quiana @ Harlem Love Birds (new mommy and deep thinker) and Se’Lah @ Necessary Room (channels peace and goodwill and engages readers in random acts of kindness). I will have to check out the ones I don’t already follow. Thanks!

  4. This is a great list Nicole! I shared it on my Sunday Surf today.

  5. Awesome! I’m a WOC blogger and I’m always on the look out for sistas who share my interests, my history and my culture. Like you, I hate the way WOC bloggers are ignored and I wonder how long will it take before we are accepted into the main stream and become part of the conversation?

  6. Hi, I’m Melek from Road to Home Birth After Multiple Cesareans! Thank you SO much for the mention! I am excited to check out these other blogs and add them to my “follow” list 🙂

  7. thanks for this list (it makes my internet searching much easier) and thanks for including me, I feel honored.

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