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Mahogany Monday: Hair today, hair tomorrow?

Baby E used to sport an afro most of the time but lately we’ve taken to braiding it up. Both C and myself wear our hair in locs but we haven’t taken that step with Baby E. C is in favor of going ahead and locking it or just cutting his hair. I’m more sentimental about keeping his baby curls for as long as possible (*sniff). A few months ago I was more on the side of giving him his first haircut but that was mostly because Baby E would not sit still long enough to let me braid his hair. However, haircuts are currently on the back-burner again because Baby E will sit still for his babysitter while she braids his hair. I can barely imagine what he would look like with short hair.

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Annnnnd I’m back…sort of

Has it really been so long since I’ve written a blog post? I’ve been back in the paid workforce for about a month now and it’s put a crimp in my internet activities. There are so many blog posts I’ve written in my head, and even drafted by hand on a notepad. Yet, I can’t seem to transfer those thoughts to the actual blog. So here, in list form are some of the things I ought to blog about and probably will in the near future:

  • Finding daycare when your parenting style isn’t quite mainstream
  • Pumping again when you haven’t done it regularly in a year
  • Yes, it’s okay to nurse your toddler…really
  • How I realized that my workplace is institutionally sexist (and cis-sexist) despite their commitment to “diversity”
  • Toddlers, solids, development and mother blame
  • Finding time for me
  • My baby’s turning two!!!
  • Passing on my cultural heritage to my child
  • The zombie apocalypse
I can’t promise that I’ll write about all of these. I can’t even promise that what I write will be any good. But I gotta write, dagnabbit! And so I will.
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