Who is this chica?

I’m a new mother who was fairly amazed by all the changes she experienced during pregnancy. I’m also fairly amazed by the process of new motherhood. I’m also fairly amazed by the number of times I can say “fairly amazed.” I’m a woman of color, Bajan by birth but living in the US, who ended up a bit more crunchy than expected. Somehow I feel as though my musings on the subject of pregnancy and child-rearing are interesting to my friends, family and curious passers-by.

Regular Cast of Characters

Navelgazing Bajan …… Me, sometimes philosophical, always good for a laugh or two, totally (and fairly) amazed.

C ……….. The hubby, sometimes clueless about this parenting thing but generally helpful and willing to learn.

Baby E ………. Our son, always cute, his current role is to survive his parents.

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