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The Meltdown

The wedding was set to start at 4:00 pm. As a bridesmaid, I was supposed to arrive at 2:30 pm.

Fifteen minutes before we were set to leave the hotel for the wedding location, Baby E had an epic meltdown.

Of course he waited until it was my turn to get dressed to want to nurse RIGHT THAT MOMENT.

Of course, my outfit was NOT breastfeeding-friendly or even baby-friendly.

Of course, he didn’t want his daddy, just ME.

Big boy shoes!

When Baby E took off his brand new big boy shoes and flung them away from him to the point where they landed on the floor with a thud, I knew he was beyond upset.

But I’d already nursed him. He most certainly wasn’t hungry. He wanted to be attached to me — not near me – attached to me.

But I couldn’t not get dressed nor could I hold him while getting dressed.

He wasn’t even being ignored, his father was trying to calm him.

It didn’t help that only moments before he was smiling, and laughing until he realized that I was going to center my attention on something other than him.

It didn’t help that when I’m running late to get somewhere, I become easily frustrated. So when I asked C to take our inconsolable, screaming child out for a quick walk around the floor outside of our room, I really didn’t need C to cluelessly reply that he was ok with just trying to hold Baby E off to one side of the room. If my superpowers included throwing daggers with my eyes, C would’ve been maimed. Lucky for him, I merely snapped, “Trust me, just take him outside! Please!” And once he did, lo and behold, the child stopped fussing. One of the lessons of toddlerhood I’m learning is that the sight of mommy is enough to trigger separation anxiety.

Eventually I finished getting dressed and we left for the wedding five minutes before I was supposed to be there. On the elevator ride down to the lobby, Baby E gave me the meanest look I’ve ever seen him give. But I was okay with that because I’m sure I was mean-mugging him too.

And don’t you know we got to the wedding location a few minutes late but still ended up early because we were the first of the wedding party to arrive.

And don’t you know, Baby E was fast asleep by the time we got there even though we’d only been in the car for about 10 minutes.

How about that?

But I looked good though.


Father’s Day

I did not ignore Father’s Day.

I just thought I’d be daring and original by posting about it three days after the fact.


Actually, I asked the hubby, C, to write a blog post for Father’s Day. He said yes…and promptly forgot about it.

See, it’s all his fault.

But then, Baby E and I didn’t spend Father’s Day with C after all. Baby E and I took a road trip to see a friend who’s visiting from overseas. So while I made an 8 to 9 hour round trip drive for a 6 hour visit, the hubby, C, celebrated Father’s Day on his own.


Before you go too far with your sympathy for C, please consider that he adamantly refused to go on the trip with us. In fact, while we were gone, he slept, ate leftovers, watched a movie or two, probably slept some more, and then rode his motorcycle. Yeah, his day sucked (insert dripping sarcasm).

We made it up to him though. We took him to dinner and bought him a ridiculously large margarita (because the way to a man’s heart is through his liver). It took C about an hour to drink it all.

So Happy Three Days Later Father’s Day! Maybe next year we’ll just go straight to the margarita drinking and call it tradition.

The Baby Always Poops Thrice!

The hubby, C, is on diaper duty this weekend.

NavelgazingBajan twirls with glee!
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