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Mahogany Monday: Hair today, hair tomorrow?

Baby E used to sport an afro most of the time but lately we’ve taken to braiding it up. Both C and myself wear our hair in locs but we haven’t taken that step with Baby E. C is in favor of going ahead and locking it or just cutting his hair. I’m more sentimental about keeping his baby curls for as long as possible (*sniff). A few months ago I was more on the side of giving him his first haircut but that was mostly because Baby E would not sit still long enough to let me braid his hair. However, haircuts are currently on the back-burner again because Baby E will sit still for his babysitter while she braids his hair. I can barely imagine what he would look like with short hair.

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Quickie Soapbox: The Waah-Waah Brigade

There’s a disturbing pattern I’ve been seeing in some breastfeeding/birth/natural parenting spaces. Whenever attention is brought to a website, group  or article that centers the experiences of persons of color, the “Waah-Waah Brigade” comes out to play. Read the rest of this entry

Soapbox Sunday: WOC Mommy Blog Edition

I have a love/hate relationship with the term “mommy blogger”. On one hand it’s a genre I suppose I fall into, seeing as my blog’s focus is on my experience of motherhood. Yet, it’s also a term used to demean blogs written by mothers  although “Motherhood” is supposedly sacred. Then there’s the issue of who’s actually considered a mommy blogger. If I didn’t know any better I would assume that mommy bloggers are universally white (…and heterosexual…and cisgender…and USian…and able-bodied…and middle class and above…and essentially like Eliza in Motherhood) because the dominant discourse seems to often forget to include some folks. So, today’s link love goes out to “mommy bloggers” who identify as women of color. These bloggers may or may not consider themselves “mommy bloggers” but their blogs are definitely informed by their motherhood (or mamahood/mamihood) experience. This list is also not meant to be exhaustive nor even to say that I agree with every issue discussed on each of these blogs. However, despite the common trait of being WOC, these bloggers are diverse in their foci, their readerships, their reaches, their beliefs…you know, they’re not a monolith. Read the rest of this entry

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