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It’s all about me!

My baby turned two and we’re still nursing. Guess what? There’s nothing wrong with that. Yet, I do sometimes find myself in the position of having to defend our nursing relationship.

He still on the titty?

When are you going to wean?

How much longer is he going to be doing that?

Oh, he’s still nursing?

Sigh…Don’t these folks realize that I never plan to stop nursing? Sheesh, I’ve already mapped out how I’ll nurse him after he goes off to college. It’s not like I’m still nursing him because it’s developmentally and  nutritionally appropriate for a toddler.

Didn’t you know, it’s all about me, me, me!

My baby turned two last month and I didn’t write about it. Oh, we did celebrate his birthday. We went out of town and saw various relatives. He had a small party with ice-cream cake. We even took him to the zoo for the first time.

When we returned home, I tearily finished editing a video to commemorate his first two years.

Damn, my baby is two, y’all! Two! How did we get here so fast?

Just the other day I was marveling at him being able to roll over on his own, now he’s running, jumping, and climbing with ease. He’s eagerly exploring his independence but isn’t afraid to need me. And while two is an age that we both find frustrating at times, I’m grateful to be able to experience it with him.

Mahogany Monday: Hair today, hair tomorrow?

Baby E used to sport an afro most of the time but lately we’ve taken to braiding it up. Both C and myself wear our hair in locs but we haven’t taken that step with Baby E. C is in favor of going ahead and locking it or just cutting his hair. I’m more sentimental about keeping his baby curls for as long as possible (*sniff). A few months ago I was more on the side of giving him his first haircut but that was mostly because Baby E would not sit still long enough to let me braid his hair. However, haircuts are currently on the back-burner again because Baby E will sit still for his babysitter while she braids his hair. I can barely imagine what he would look like with short hair.

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