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Mahogany Monday: Milk Drunk

This is what a nursing toddler looks like — content.

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Quickie Soapbox: The Waah-Waah Brigade

There’s a disturbing pattern I’ve been seeing in some breastfeeding/birth/natural parenting spaces. Whenever attention is brought to a website, group  or article that centers the experiences of persons of color, the “Waah-Waah Brigade” comes out to play. Read the rest of this entry

My Blogiversary

Positive pregnancy test #4!

Yesterday was not only my birthday, but it was also my blogiversary. Yes, the Navelgazing blog is two years old. I started this blog as a way to record my thoughts and feelings about being pregnant for the first time. I also thought it would be a convenient way to update friends and family about my pregnancy (this was when I was stubbornly refusing to join Facebook). Thus, I chose the name, Navelgazing as a reference to both the introspective nature of the blog and the fact that I was focusing on my pregnancy (I spent a lot of time looking at my belly/navel, get it?).

17 weeks 0 days pregnant

I had no idea if I would continue to blog past the end of my pregnancy. Yet, here I am two years later, mostly talking about my experiences with motherhood. If you peruse the archives of my blog, you’ll see how the blog has changed over the past two years. There’s an obvious fluctuation in topics that follows the trajectory of my motherhood — from pregnancy to birth to caring for an infant to caring for a toddler. There’s also somewhat of a change in the tone and the style of my writing which illustrates my learning curve with blogging.

I’m still learning my way around the blogosphere. However, I think I’m finally satisfied with my blog’s style and focus. I don’t care to have a large blog or lots of controversy. I just want to write about my experience of motherhood and hope someone can relate to it.

So, here are a few stats from the past two years. Enjoy!


The five most viewed posts:

1. 5 Ways to Deal with Mama Guilt — Written by Dionna of Code Name: Mama as part of a guest post exchange.

2. My Navelgazing Homebirth Story — The story of my son’s birth.

3. The Greatest (Birth) Story (N)Ever Told — My observation about how Mary’s perspective seems all but erased from the Nativity Story.

4. Interview with a Daddy — I interviewed C for his perspective on natural parenting and, well, it got hilariously interesting.

5. Hating Kids — Why I hate when people say they hate kids.


Five posts I wish more people had read:

1. Bad News Bearer – A reflection on World AIDS Day and my job at the time.

2. (Which) Mother Knows Best — My observation that behind the struggle between mothers and daughters who are new mothers is the fact that mothers tend to never stop mothering.

3. Sleep is for Suckers — What happens when your baby fights sleep.

4. Da Bear — About the time I stood up to a Nosy Nellie about my parenting.

5. Bump in the Night — A common rite of passage for parents is when your baby first rolls off a bed.


Five interesting search terms that lead people to this blog:

1. “Help me I have no food in for family” — I wish I could help, really, I do.

2. “Pumping the pooper” — WTF???

3. “Reasons for having ambition to be an electrical engineer, essay” — I have no aptitude for engineering.

4. “Let’s take it outside the kids are sleeping” — This could refer to a few things…

5. “Girls breast feeding each other” — Um, not that kind of site, buddy.

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