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Soapbox Sunday: Mixed Bag Edition

It’s yet another Sunday where you get another glimpse into the way my mind works. Today’s theme is “mixed bag” only because I couldn’t think of a unifying theme for all of the links that I wanted to share with  you this week. This week’s selections range from serious-serious to gut-bustingly funny to somewhere in between. Let’s get cracking, shall we?

Earlier this year, Kelly Hogaboom of Underbellie wrote this beautiful piece on raising equality-minded children. I’m taking lots of notes from her.

There were also quite a few breastfeeding posts that I enjoyed (Surprised? I didn’t think so). Arwyn of Raising My Boychick touched on the tendency to compare racism and breastfeeding discrimination in “Dear White Lactivists“. Taking her lead, August of  She Has My Eyes followed up with “Lactivism is not Work for Whites Only” and “Trans Women, Lactation and Exclusion“. Then Analytical Armadillo wrote on one of the many booby traps that sabotage women’s attempts to breastfeed in “Guilt if you breastfeed, guilt if you don’t“.

By now, most of you might have already heard of Antoine Dodson, who shot to internet fame after protecting his sister from being raped in her own bedroom by an intruder. Unfortunately, he’s not famous simply for stopping a violent act, but because of an interview he gave with the local news station – an interview that has been passed around the internet as comedic fodder. Various writers have already chimed in about Antoine and what his fame means for him, and within a greater societal context. The Crunk Feminist Collective took it a step further with examining how in all the hullabaloo about Antoine, someone very important to the story seems to have been erased — his sister who was attacked in the first place.

Last week, I posted some links in response to the hideous Dr. Laura incident. Here’s one more – Elon James White’s most recent hilarious episode of This Week in Blackness.

Last but not least, I present for your immense enjoyment, two links from the comedy blog, Hyperbole and a Half: “Expectations vs Reality” and “Cat Safety Propaganda“. I dare you not to laugh out loud at those stories. Double dare you.

As always, feel free to share some links that you think everyone should be reading.

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