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Unemployment, it sucks…really

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Since 2007 I’ve faced unemployment three different times, each period longer than the previous stretch. I can honestly say that the reasons have nothing to do with how good of an employee I was. The first time had to do with me moving to a new city. The second time was because my grant-funded position at a non-profit was eliminated due the agency losing that grant. The third time, well, let’s just say that if I had been eligible to appeal my wrongful termination, I would have won. Read the rest of this entry

David Thompson 1961-2010

This past week, Barbados has been in a state of mourning due to the death of our Prime Minister, The Right Honorable David Thompson. This Navelgazing Bajan sends her condolences to his family and her fellow Bajans across the globe.

Today his body is lying in state at his alma mater, Combermere School, which happens to be my alma mater too. If there’s one thing and only one thing you ever learn about Combermere, it’s that we Combermerians are fiercely proud of our school and alumni. As such, we are proud to call David Thompson one of our own.

RIP, sir.

Blah Blah Blogging Block

I have a case of writer’s block. Or perhaps it’s a lack of confidence. I have multiple ideas for blog posts. Sometimes I start to write them. They often remain unfinished or I delete them entirely because they’re not __________ (insert deprecative adjective) enough. I do, however, have faith that I will come out of this blogging slump. So, in the meantime, please enjoy the above pic of Baby E who is being relatively pleasant as he cuts his first teeth. Also, head on over to The Mahogany Way and congratulate fellow blogging mama, Darcel, on the successful homebirth of her son.

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