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Sleep is for suckers!

At 12:30 am, Baby E got his second wind.

Ten minutes earlier he’d fallen asleep in my arms while nursing. I carried him upstairs, a balancing act so delicate that Olympic gymnasts are in awe. I carefully placed him onto our bed while silently reciting The Mother’s Prayer, “Please stay asleep, please stay asleep…” Then came the awful sound — a whimper.

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Banana? Nah!

“So is he eating real food yet?”

This is the question du jour (along with the oldies but goodies: “Is he sleeping through the night yet?” and “Is he a good baby?”).

The answer to that question could be, “Well, duh, breastmilk is real food!” complete with an eye-roll and an absolutely snotty, irritated tone of voice.

Or, perhaps I should say, “No, we’re letting him eat Play-Doh for a bit.”

But that’s not how I respond because what these well-meaning individuals usually mean is, “Has Baby E started solid food yet?” The answer to that is kinda yes but mostly not really.
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