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“You’re so brave…”

I keep hearing that I’m brave because of the way I chose to give birth. I don’t really think of it that way.  The truth is that I birthed the way I did because I’m a big chicken about mainstream birth practices. My birth choices were based on what I felt would be best for me and my child. I know that everyone won’t or can’t make the same choices and that’s okay. I chose to step outside of what’s considered normal in this part of the world and birth my baby with a midwife outside of a hospital or birth center. I felt that unless my birth process became abnormal in a pathological way it would be best to let nature take its course with interventions used when truly needed.


I don’t possess any special type of bravery.

I don’t need a medal because I defied convention (but I think mothering itself deserves its own special medal cuz it ain’t easy).

I don’t begrudge anyone else’s choices.

I don’t regret mine.

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