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Eating for who?

During my pregnancy I was a ridiculously healthy eater.  I was a healthy eater prior to pregnancy but I amped it up once I was pregnant. Now, I did have treats and I did occasionally eat stuff that wasn’t that healthy but everyday I made sure I ate fruit, drank water, had protein and my prenatal vitamins. I even made soymilk smoothies with wheat germ…wheat germ, people.

Then I had the baby.

My good eating habits went out the first window I passed. Slam dunk style. The first thing to go was the fact that I was eating regularly. I barely felt like I was getting to sleep or do any type of self-care. Even showers were a luxury. When it’s just you and a newborn and no one else is around to help for hours at a time it’s easy to fall into a pattern of self-neglect. You, the mama, are probably more sore than you’ve ever been before and newborns…well, newborns are needy. As a result, when I did eat, it was whatever was convenient which usually isn’t the most nutritionally sound food available. So began my descent into Micky D’s hell.

Five weeks later I’m finally starting to claw my way out. I’m making sure to drink more water and I’m trying to have fruit daily. I made dinner the other night for the first time in ages and it actually felt good to do it. C, my non-cooking, fast food enabler, was particularly grateful for a home-cooked meal. I’m not all the way back on the wagon but I’m slowly getting there. I remind myself that a malnourished mama means a malnourished baby. I even asked my enabler if he’d be willing to cook dinner sometimes. He surprised me by saying yes but apparently the recipes will be coming from Men’s Health magazine. I’m just glad that boxes with the words “Helper” or “a-roni” won’t be part of the equation.

Itch me here, itch me there

Itchy! Itchy!


I’ve been breaking out in hives. It started on my feet and spread pretty much everywhere else except from the shoulders and up. A quick google search let me know that this is one of those weird side effects of giving birth that NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT! Well, to be fair, it’s more like it’s one of those postpartum issues that’s both common and uncommon at the same time. I’m wondering how useful postpartum hives are on an evolutionary basis. Can you take care of your offspring effectively if you’re too busy scratching? Maybe it’s nature’s way of forcing you to be a multi-tasker.

I can nurse my baby, write this blog post and scratch my little toe and elbow all at the same time!

Or it might be a cosmic joke, as in, ” You thought the weird pregnancy crap was over, huh? Wait till you get a load of this!”


I’ve been itchy for about 2 weeks and it’s gotten worse in the past few days. At least when the leg cramps ended they were done.

What I didn’t expect now that I’m not expecting!

1. My feet and hands are STILL swollen!!! – Well, granted they’re not as swollen as they used to be but it still sucks. Plus now my feet are really itchy in the swollen parts. Grr…

2. Showers are hard to come by. If I’m lucky enough to get a shower these days it’s because C is home with me and Baby E. Brings back memories of the Hol’ A Fresh song:

3.  I am a human pacifier.

4.  Eating half a meal is an accomplishment – I completely understand now what my mother meant when she used to say, “Wunna children won’t let me eat!”

5. My bellybutton has not returned to its formerly cute self.

6. If I eat eggs Baby E gets horrible gas…for days. No newborn should smell like that…ever.

7. People are really nice to you when you have a newborn.

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