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Belly Dancing!

Belly dance

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After many attempts, I finally got some decent video of my belly “dancing” – the baby movements that make my belly jump all over the place.

Baby Registry Blues

I’ve got the baby registry blues…waaaaahhhhhhhh!

Putting it together is harder than I thought it would be.

Let me provide some perspective on this – my husband refers to me as a hippy. What he means to say is that I’m more on the natural end of the spectrum when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing. Often this means that my point-of-view is usually labelled as “alternative” or maybe even “crunchy.” In addition, I am prone to choosing practicality over style. What this means is that I decided to be as simple as possible when it came to accumulating baby gear. I can justify this by saying I want to raise a green baby (I do!) but mostly it’s because we live in a small space and cannot utter the words “I’m rich, biatch!” with any sincerity.

So what’s so hard about making a baby registry:

– Balancing my minimalist ways with everyone’s urge to buy things
– Deciding what is absolutely essential for a baby to have
– Balancing my “hippy” baby ideas with everyone else’s mainstream ideas
– Figuring out this car seat business
– Figuring out what the heck a receiving blanket is…really
– Realizing that I really won’t know what I really need until the baby makes his/her grand entrance

The result is that I now have about ten items on the list that I think I can live with. If you know me and the hubby in real life and want to spend some dough, look us up on

Gratuitous Belly Shots!

I’m 29 weeks today. Here are some shots of the belly.

29 weeks right side      29 weeks front    29 weeks left side



– My linea nigra is crooked.

– My innie is a wanna-be outie.

– This kid is getting heavy.

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