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The Greatest (Birth) Story (N)Ever Told

So aside from the hoopla surrounding the material and secular aspects of the Christmas celebration, it is at its core a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. What seems to get very little attention is the fact that it’s also a celebration of Mary’s birth story. The fact that every Nativity scene I’ve ever seen always shows her without a hair out of place and completely clothed in the cleanest and driest of clothes when she’s supposedly just given birth leads me to think that not many people have ever thought too deeply about her story.

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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain…

Rainy Christmas Morning

This was the view outside of my window on Christmas morning. I didn’t mind though. I didn’t grow up in a winter wonderland and once I actually experienced one I was glad to trade them in for green Christmases. I’m also grateful for the rain because the last few Christmases meant dealing with a drought and water restrictions.

This is how we do it….

…the holidays, that is.

1. Do not decorate – not a speck of glitter or fake snow in sight.

2. Secretly plot to beat the crap out of the person who got this song stuck in your head.

3. Get text message/email from relatives asking for your Christmas wish list

4. Shrug at said message because you forgot to think about it

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